Over the years Marilyn Sonneveld has developed a multidisciplinary practice that includes large scale oil painting and glass sculpting. Through a vivid play of colour and form, the artist conveys personal and intimate narratives that communicate more universal notions around the body, such as self-love, self-acceptance, vulnerability, sexuality and insecurity. “My work touches upon a sense of desire, gut feeling and fantasy that one carries within, but is not always in touch with. To me they represent a journey of self acceptance, in my autonomous practice, in my ability to dive into painting even with self doubt. Once you find that inner connection through intimacy, in the broadest sense of the word – everything gets better.”


For more information like available works contact info@nomansart.com or in Spain contact maria@badreljundigallery.com or offcorse send me an email marilynsonneveld@gmail.com

2009-2013 BA illustration Willem de Koonig academy (NL)
2012 Design skolen Kolding, Denmark
2015 – 2018. Co- founder of Wipsite www.wipsite.nl

2013 Nomination Drempelprijs,
2017 AFK, projectsubsidie
2019 Orientatiereis Mondriaanfonds
2020 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, kunstenaar ontwikkelsubsidie

2022 Stichting Stokroos



Kunsthal Rotterdam Solo


Unfair22, de Gashouder, Amsterdam (Solo)

Rotterdam Art Fair, No mans Art Gallery, NL (group)

Between San and Sea, Albanese Gallery, Matera, Italy (Duo)

Expo Chicago, Badr El Jundi Gallery, Chicago, USA (Group)


Your House Becomes our house, Het Hem, Zaandam NL (Group)
Everything is better when I’m with me, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (Solo)
Unity, Duality, Trinity, Axs Art, De School, Amsterdam, NL (Group)
Salvaje Y Dulce, Badr El Jundi Gallery, Marbella, ES (Group)
Natch, PADA Gallery, Lissbon, PT (Group)
PADA studios residency, Lissbon, PT

High Tide, Het Hem, Zaandam NL, (Group)
Essential Shop, No Man’s Arts Gallery, Amsterdam NL (Group)
Female Gaze Goes Viral, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam NL (Group)
de Kijkdoos, Rotterdam NL (Group)
Rattling,Trickling,Whispering, het Hem NL, (Group)

West is where the sun goes down, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (Group)
The Beauty one Cometh, No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (Solo)
Premium Bohemian, Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam, NL. (Group)

2nd life, Almost Not Done, Amsterdam, NL (Group)
The Female Body, Atria, Amsterdam NL (Group)
Artist in residency, Horust Botanicus Amsterdam (NL)